Rochelle Pagano

Health and wellness coach specializing in health, nutrition, and fitness for women in their midlife years.

I know how frustrating the aging process can be.

Weight gain, fatigue and anxiety can creep up on us – particularly when we are running around taking care of everyone else in our lives.

As a busy mom, wife, and business owner who cares about her health, the transition through menopause hit me as hard as anyone else.

But as a health and wellness coach specializing in behavior change, nutrition, and fitness, I was fortunate enough to have the tools and skills to come through that transition stronger than ever.

But listen ladies,
age is not an excuse.

The changes I experienced during menopause forced me to rediscover and remind myself who I was.
I had to consider what kind of life I wanted to live. And from there, I have had to be mindful every day about the choices I make and consider the impact that they will have on my life.

It means that I can’t always take the easy option, but the truth is, if I want to show up as the best version of myself, I need to take care of myself.

I now help middle aged women become their their fittest, healthiest, most confident selves.

And most importantly, to build sustainable, healthy habits that will allow them to stay that way for good.

It sounds too good to be true, but making and sustaining lifestyle change isn’t just about knowing what to do. It’s about making that change simple, easy and fun.

I designed the Balanced Woman program to be a fad-free, fully customized program with a high-level of 1:1 coaching. It focuses on the activities and foods you enjoy. And the best thing is: it works!

“Shelly focuses on the whole mind and body. Her passion rests in discovering each person’s unique needs in their life and tailoring a program to let them grow and positively move forward.”

Jill McAdams

Take the first step towards the health you deserve.

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21 Easy to Follow Recipes
for a Healthy Lifestyle